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TIR Cable is manufactured in accordance with the Department of Transport Regulations VE505.

5.6.2: Ropes comprising a textile core surrounded by six strands consisting solely of steel and completely covering the core will be allowed on condition that the ropes (without taking into account the transparent plastic sheath, if any) are not less than 3mm in diameter.

Core will be covered to 6mm with clear PVC with shore hardness 75-80.

The tractive power is > 400 kilo.

Elasticity < 2%.

Steel construction is such that end fittings can be connected according to regulations with a brass oval eyelet and nail, visible on both sides.

Using NON TIR Regulation Cable may invalidate any insurance claim / cover.





  Stock sizes 250m and 500m coils





   Stock sizes of TIR cable assemblies:

  22m (72'), 30.5m (100'), 32.5m (107'), 33m (108'), 

  33.5m (110'), 34m (112'), 34.5m (113'), 36m (118'), 

  36.5m (120'), 37.5m (123'), 40m (131')




   6mm End Sets.

  Part No - 06060601     Cable End for TIR Cable    

  Part No - 05270611     Brass Oval Rivet

  Part No - 05281530     Nails for Cable Ends 



   Fixing Tools for Cable Ends.

   Part No - 50100600        Fixing Tools Complete ( 4 parts)

  Part No - 50100100        Spear

  Part No - 50110600        Holder for Spear

                          Part No - 50120600        Punch

                          Part No - 50130600        Lower Part (Block)